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In a world where information flows seamlessly through digital channels and screens dominate our daily existence, there’s a timeless and indispensable tool that empowers individuals, fosters understanding, and unlocks a world of possibilities – literacy.

International Literacy Day, observed on September 8th each year, serves as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of reading. It was established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to highlight the importance of literacy as a foundation for lifelong learning and sustainable development. The day emphasizes the need to address literacy challenges worldwide, promoting literacy as a catalyst for individual and societal progress.

To mark the significance of International Literacy Day and delve into the profound impact of reading on daily life, the WES team thought it would be nice to ask our clients to share how reading has impacted their day-to-day lives and helped shape who they are as individuals.

Promoting literacy requires innovative approaches. Embracing technology and digital platforms can complement traditional literacy efforts. E-books, audiobooks, educational apps, and online resources provide accessible and interactive avenues for individuals to engage with written content.

Moreover, fostering a culture of reading begins at home and in communities. Parents, educators, colleagues, and community leaders play pivotal roles in encouraging and supporting literacy initiatives. By creating a conducive environment that values reading, we contribute to the development of a generation equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate an increasingly complex world.

Here are some of the answers we received:

Q: What does reading mean to you?

A: I never leave home without my Kindle – it is the only way I can really relax. It also allows me to live many lives at the same time.

A: Everything, I’d be lost without a book in my bag at al times.

Q: What is your favourite book and why?

A: Les Dame Aux Camelias by Alexander Dumas (son). It captured the imaginations of so many artists and inspired so many great pieces of work.

A: Marina by Carlos Ruiz Zafón – it is extremely well written, the setting is stunning (well described Barcelona), and the characters are compelling. The plot is very interesting, however, the most important part, for me, is the topics it dives into – such as loss, love, growing up and deceit.

Q: What is one book you could never tire of?

A: Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

A: History textbooks from school.

International Literacy Day serves as a powerful reminder of the profound impact that reading can have on individual lives and society as a whole. We celebrate this day to rekindle our appreciation for the written word and recognize the enduring value of literacy in shaping a brighter and more enlightened future. Through the simple act of reading, we can empower ourselves and others to learn and build a world that thrives on the richness of shared knowledge.

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