Valentine’s Day Special

It’s almost impossible to meander through the month of February without being made aware, in one way or another, that Valentine’s Day is imminent. For many people, this day is all about the cheese – red roses, chocolates and steak dinners meticulously planned, sometimes even many months ahead. However, one interpretation of the day – to show love to all those who mean the most to you – is often forgotten and the focus is instead placed exclusively on those in relationships.

But the notion of love, kindness and consideration for others is thankfully not limited to Valentine’s Day alone. The month of February also plays host to another, less celebrated day which World’s End Studios wanted to mark in our own way: International Day of Kindness in the Workplace!

It is widely known that work related stress has increased exponentially over the last decade. With the return to normal office hours following the pandemic, employers have sought to combat this in a number of ways, hosting team-building days, coffee mornings and much more. All these events seek to relieve employees of stress, allowing them to have fun with their colleagues and experience kindness first hand.

Here at World’s End Studios, we wanted to spread some love and kindness to all our clients, and what better way to do that than to host an interactive Valentine’s Day event?

We ordered in some supplies and hosted a fun-filled afternoon of cupcake decorating, encouraging our clients to mingle with each other to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a way which instead emphasised the importance of showing kindness and love not just to a significant other, but to all those around you!

Whilst this event was a raging success and demonstrated just how easy it can be to incorporate kindness into the work environment, we understand that finding the time to host activities such as these is not always easy. So we thought we’d share some alternative ways to implement kindness into your daily routine at work!

WES’s Tips:

1 – Recognise other people’s strengths!

The work environment can become much less stressful when tasks are delegated correctly. If we all work on the things we are good at, we feel valued and appreciated for our own individual skillsets. An easy way to show kindness in the workplace is to acknowledge the abilities of your colleagues and share out duties accordingly.

2 – Smile!

It has been scientifically proven that the act of smiling, as well as the feeling of being smiled at, releases the same amount of serotonin as eating 200 chocolate bars! Smiling also improved productivity. So share a smile with your employees and colleagues, you never know where it could take you!

3 – Say “Thank You”!

It may seem obvious, but a simple “thank you” can go a long way. An easy, thoughtful way to let your colleagues know that their actions – big or small – are appreciated.

4 – Promoting work relationships!

 If your employees feel they can bond with each other, the results will be miraculous! Having a strong, close-knit team enables your employees to think as one collective body rather than a set of individuals. At World’s End Studios, we encourage the intermingling of our clients – collaborations, inspiration and friendships are just a conversation away!

Take a leaf out of our book and spread some love this February by doing something kind for the people you work with as well as the ones you love!