The Benefits of a Business Centre

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When we think offices, we tend to think of an isolated and perhaps boring business space. As the owner of a business it’s a good idea to have an office base, but this doesn’t have to be in a traditional sense.

It is so important to find a space or service which compliments your business style. Shared office spaces and Business Centres are often overlooked but can provide everything you need, if not more, to ensure your office runs like a well oiled machine…

Here are a few reasons why you should consider their next office to be within a Business Centre community like Worlds End Studios.

A bit of your personality

Often like furnishing a new home, decorating your new office is an exciting project. Let’s face it, you’re likely to be spending most of your days in this space so why not make it beautiful! Unlike some other business centres, we love to see our clients decorating their offices. We see it as an expression of your character! Think of your space as a blank canvas. So hang that wacky light fighting, paint that feature wall! (Just make sure you paint it white again when…or if you move out, ok?)

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

Okay well that’s not entirely true…

Of course what you know is important in business, but networking and making connections is too.  Another great benefit of using shared office space is that you are surrounded by likeminded people, who knows how you can help each other. This is why twice a year we produce the WES Client Directory. You might think of this as your networking encyclopaedia, every page is dedicated to one of our clients and includes their contact details and company profile.  The directory is a great resource for old and new clients and it has never been easier to connect with someone. If that wasn’t enough, Worlds End Studios boasts 3 bright and beautiful court yards, an onsite café and a great break-out space so you can set up a meeting and sit down for a collaboration coffee all within the space 5 minutes.

Flexibility to scale to your businesses needs

Signing even a yearlong lease can feel like huge commitment because as we know, lot can change in 12 months. However, our private office agreements are renewed every 3 months, which puts you in control of when you want to leave and there’s no pressure to commit big.  Isn’t that a relief! If renting an office space feels a little premature for the current stage of your business venture, or even just unnecessary, you should think about renting a desk in our co-working space. You can be a part of the WES community, enjoying all the perks but without the associated overheads. We are happy to accommodate you whether it’s on a full or part-time basis. You will also be pleased to know if that is also too much then there is always our virtual services. It really is up to you!

the power of logistics

Worlds End Studios are dedicated to providing the best service possible. If there is anything we can do to make your working life easier, we’ll support you in any way we can. We can provide you with stationary for your office from our onsite stock or we can place orders on your behalf. We can give you that single pen you lost on your travels or organise a local or international courier. As one of our clients you’ll also benefit from our onsite postal services, which means you’ll never be pressed to make it to the post office. Moreover, whether you’re registered client or not we have conference rooms available for hire, so you can conduct your meetings in a brilliantly professional space. Nothing’s too big or small and whatever it is, we often have a stress free solution – now that’s logistics!

Worlds End Studios is home to over 120 businesses, contact us today on 020 7349 7001 or by emailing to let us know how we can help you get started.

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