Our new Breakout Space is a great way to boost productivity…

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A business is only as successful as its people so it’s vital to look after yourself and your employees.

Here is how to ensure you’re getting the rest you need to operate at peak performance and to help you avoid business burnout.

Take a tea break
Productivity is increased when we take a break from periods of intense concentration. So, pause what you’re doing, take a break, get a cuppa and regain your focus.

Switch off in the evenings

Create boundaries – don’t answer work emails or calls at dinner or in bed. Sleeplessness and lack of productivity are directly related so get a good night’s sleep to ensure you feel fresh and focused during work hours.

Enjoy your weekends
Working much more than 48 hours a week tends to make productivity dip. Use your weekends to switch off, whether it is going to the gym or spending time with friends and family, do the activities you enjoy and go into your Monday morning feeling refreshed.

Go on holiday
Take the time to reset and recharge. Our bodies require time to relax, if we do not switch off it can be difficult to shift into less-stressed modes. Stress can burn you out and reduce motivation and drive.

Taking regular breaks not only leaves you feeling fresh but helps motivate you to get as much done as possible in a shorter period. More holiday time will force you to use your time more efficiently and ultimately results in greater productivity at work.