Different ways to work

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Going to work doesn’t have to involve going into the office full time. From fully remote to a private office with a view, there are loads of ways to structure your company and if you’re just starting out, or restructuring your business, you might be interested in different ways of working whilst managing productivity. We’ll explore some of the most popular today.

Virtual & remote working

Growing in popularity, more organisations than ever are going fully remote. You might even call it the new normal. As part of your business registration, you’ll need to provide an address but you don’t want to provide your personal address for safety and security reasons. So, it’s great to look for a virtual service provider who can take mail, receive calls and offer some basic business services like meeting rooms for a low fee. That way, you’ll have all the legitimacy of a private office address without the high associated costs. You can work from anywhere you like, knowing your communications are in safe hands.

Coworking dedicated desk

Coworking space in Chelsea

Coworking allows you to share resources, space and key office equipment for lowest cost points. Even large businesses recognise the positive environmental benefits of coworking on ideation. But beyond the savings, there are great opportunities to collaborate and learn from loads of other professionals. Most coworking venues offer mixers and social events to foster a strong creative environment, perfect for growing businesses. Coworking, is definitely here to stay.

Private office

When security and IP privacy are real concerns, a private office is a perfect solution. When you need to have discrete client conversation or protect business-critical innovation, a private office is essential. Floor to ceiling partitions and noise-cancelling glass are important elements to consider when sourcing a private office. Because you’ll pay quite a bit more for the dedicated space, it’s essential that it meets your exact requirements. Don’t be afraid to ask for changes if your prospective space is not quite the right fit as is.

Recognising that times are changing quickly, at Worlds End Studios we pride ourselves on being able to offer everyone a service. Irrespective of whether you are a virtual client or physically based in our coworking space or a private office, we can guarantee you will receive the same level of expert service.

Worlds End Studios is home to over 120 businesses, contact us today on 020 7349 7001 or by emailing info@worldsendstudios.com to let us know how we can help you get started.

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