Change is Inevitable – Growth is Optional

People, places and the world around us are constantly changing and we have no doubt had our fair share of changes recently. Whilst many of us look at change as an opportunity to give up, many others see it as an opportunity to grow. The recent events have revealed an opportunity to start something new, start up something old or reinvent something you already had going on. For those who have been able to survive the shock of the lock down, we have embarked upon the next phase.

There are 6 months of the year left and as we enter the next chapter, many of us are more than likely feeling a little bit anxious about what the ‘new normal’ will look like, going back to work and back out into our communities. With this in mind, we thought it might be useful to share a few useful reminders about how we could all handle change more effectively.

Focus on what you can control

With the fast number of curve balls we have been thrown recently, some people have coped better than others. We may have grasped the fact that change is inevitable but another thing to note is that we are unable to control the world around us, what we experience and most of all, other people and the past. The one thing we can control is our attitudes and our actions. Once we focus on what we are doing and how we are contributing to the solution, we can hopefully live a little more stress free

Embrace it

As we have seen in recent times, dealing with a lot of change can often incur an immediate defence response to block out the world around us. Many of us will remember an example of this when the lock down first started. However, once we understood that we could get more time with our loved ones, get to the ‘one day’ list and other silver linings, we gave ourselves permission to start to embrace what we were going through. In order to live a happier life, we must accept that change is an important aspect of what goes hand in hand with it

Remember why you started

We can often forget that everything we have experienced before we started our business, during the running of our business and the recent times of corona virus, all contributes to who we are in our businesses today. This includes both the good times as well as the not so good. The road to success is always under construction and just because something hasn’t gone your way, it doesn’t mean you will not get to where you want to be in the end. It is important to remember why you started so that in times of needing to change direction, we do not also lose sight of what we were trying to achieve and where we are heading.

We have so many opportunities to constantly travel back into the past that we often cannot see through the fog into the future. The last few months have been a powerful example of the fact that we are self-preserving, resilient, adaptable and social beings. Although we do not have the ability to control what happens to us, we know that we can move with change.

The next phase of change is going to be everything you make it.

Lockdown has created a huge range of challenges for business of all sizes, but we must remember; “change is inevitable – growth is optional”- John Maxwell

Worlds End Studios supports your business to grow and succeed. Have you ever thought about taking on a virtual or private office, meeting room or co working space? We have flexible services to meet all of your business needs.

The Value of Wellbeing

Taking care of your mind and body is an important task at the best of times. Given the frustration and anxieties that the current situation can exacerbate, it is of particular value to be proactive with self-care at the moment. This is both the easiest and hardest thing to do.

The NHS has been providing incredible support throughout this challenging time in the field. Drawing from some points in their recent posts and others, here are some of our takeaways:

1. Find Your Balance

You may remember our last post about establishing routine, full of useful, practical tips on how to maintain a little order and distinction between your working hours and that time that is just for you.

2. Connect

Or maybe reach out to your community. Friends, family, and even neighbours are more in touch with each other more now than they have been for a long time before. This is one of many positive outcomes of an otherwise difficult situation. The value and strength we glean from social bonding is not to be underestimated. Something as simple as a text checking in with an old friend can be all it takes to get you both onto a good old-fashioned late-night phone call.

3. Acknowledge Yourself

A positive attitude is important for helping you find the end of the tunnel, but it is still OK and understandable to find that dark tunnel scary. A ‘positive attitude’ does not mean ‘deny difficulties exists’, it means assume a problem is surmountable if you are willing to try your best to overcome it, and to not give up before starting just because you cannot absolutely guarantee the outcome.

Talking about your fears in a constructive, honest and kind way can help you work through which fears you can control or influence, and which ones are taking up valuable emotional space that you could be using for other things. In this short talk by Tim Ferriss, he shows a simple but powerful exercise he calls “fear-setting” – a practice that can help you thrive in high-stress environments by separating what you can control from what you cannot.

Look After Yourself

Give your mind a break:
Everyone has their own way to relax – just make sure you have given yourself full permission to relax. Never able to make the time? One of the many simple ways to sneak in a mind break is to have 5-10 minute mindfulness sessions while you go about your more simple daily tasks. For example, besides the most common practice of mindful breathing, you could also try mindfully eating your breakfast, mindfully drawing a design, or even mindfully watching your fur baby play with a ball. The Internet is teeming with ideas, support, guided sessions and scientific studies, all extolling the benefits of even the smallest mindfulness efforts.

Give your body a break:
Release tension through any active movement of your choice. If things like yoga, Pilates, callisthenics or weight training sound a little too exerting for your tastes, you can probably still go for a walk right?

Give your health a fighting chance:
Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘eat the rainbow’? Fruits and vegetables are helpfully colour-coded, as in their colour is an indication of which nutrients they give you.

5. Give Yourself Permission To Enjoy

Based on your analysis of what you can and cannot control right now, allow yourself to enjoy the newfound freedom you have in that knowledge. Reconnect with your hobbies and be open to discovering new things, guilt-free.

Share with us

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New to Working From Home? So are we!

Whether you already had a head-start, or perhaps you have only just begun, we have taken the time to research and distil the main tips for avoiding the most common pitfalls of Working From Home (WFH).

The resounding advice in its simplest form is: Establish Routine.

Before setting your new schedule, decide what your Working Hours are going to be. Perhaps you are a morning person whose best work is done at sunrise? Or maybe you are a night owl, most alert in moonlight. Whichever you may be, adhering to set waking and sleeping hours will balance your circadian rhythm, which in turn will further improve your productivity. Additionally, WFH veterans (and studies) all agree that the first 60-90 minutes of wakefulness set the tone for the rest of your working day.

So here are some ways to set your tone right:

1. Avoid emails till your Working Hours begin

And maybe also the news…

Nothing is worse than reading stress-inducing emails in the first 2 minutes of wakefulness.
A general principle worth trusting is this: If there were a truly catastrophic issue with work, someone would (and should) call you.

An email is, after all, an inefficient way to communicate an emergency. And so, your inbox can wait till your Working Hours begin.

2. Do something for you
like 3. Schedule exercise and stick to it

If you are a member of the ‘morning people clan’, then scheduling your daily exercise first thing may sound like a viable option for you. A wealth of scientific evidence has pretty much established as fact that exercise boosts mental, emotional and physical well-being. As a bonus, working out in the morning has been shown to be really great for habit-forming, giving you your best start to the day.

For others, vigorous movement moments after waking might sound like the 6th Circle of Hell.
Don’t worry; you don’t have to do it first if you don’t want to – but definitely do it later. In the meantime, perhaps you can start your day instead with 15 minutes of that book your friend recommended, or listening to your favourite podcast, or perhaps you are ready to finally take up meditation?

4. Get dressed (Optional: after a shower?)

Yet again, studies support the habit of getting dressed before work – even if you are WFH – as a simple yet effective way to cultivate that productive mindset for the day.

And here is an angle you may not have considered:
For those of you unaccustomed to working solo, it is advisable to have as much contact with your employer/ employees/ colleagues by video chat. Not only does this maintain accountability within your team, but it will also help fight the emotional disadvantages of social distancing. So don’t get caught in your pyjamas when the boss misses seeing your beautiful face!

5. Map out your day by setting goals and commitments

Your Working Hours have commenced. You are at your new designated ‘office’ space, equipped with your caffeine mug of choice.
Use your first 5 minutes to establish your goals for the day. Thinking about what you would like to accomplish within your Working Hours will help you budget your time more effectively and mitigate the risk of your Working Hours gradually and sneakily lengthening over time. Additionally, it will serve as a great measure of how successful your working day has been at the end.

6. Stop Working

Do not let your Work Day melt into a Work Evening (unless of course evenings are your chosen Working Hours).
It is very important to set and adhere to the boundaries between work time and personal time within your own home.
Take care of yourself: Stop at the stopping time, even if you are not completely finished.

A thoughtfully and realistically mapped day should see the end of your to-do list lining up nicely with the end of your Working Hours. A completed list acts well as affirmative permission that it is OK to stop. If you completed your list too early, perhaps you can get a head-start on tomorrow?

If however you find yourself running out of time, analyse the possible reasons why and amend your mapping approach accordingly:

  • Perhaps one of your tasks has taken longer than you anticipated?
  • Are you expecting too much from yourself in one day?
  • Or maybe, just maybe, you have spent too much time honing your procrastination tactics?

This last one is OK and important to admit to yourself in order to do better tomorrow. A very easy way to improve is by setting up better accountability measures (e.g. Those fully dressed video calls with colleagues we mentioned earlier?).

7. Schedule an After Work activity

Highly recommended is planning a video chat with a friend or family member soon after your Working Hours.
This will make your chosen stopping time feel more meaningful, as well as supply you with some very much needed social interaction (albeit at a distance). Checking in on each other regularly will help keep us all connected, sane and positive.

Other ideas include watching that next episode of your favourite series, or maybe you have been dying to give your children the attention they have vied for all day, or perhaps you have decided that yes, now is the perfect time to finally distance learn Japanese…

So long as it is something you really like and will want to wrap up work for, it is a good idea.

That’s all folks!

We hope you have enjoyed our tips and advice for WFH and perhaps have had an idea or two as a result. We are going to be applying these principles ourselves as we continue to support you from a distance.

We would also love to hear any and all of your own tips and advice moving forward in our first week apart. Share your experiences with us on Instagram @w0rldsendstudios

We are still working together!

woman sitting on floor with laptop and tea smiling

Do you know the benefits of Co-working?

Co-working spaces can be an inspiring and supportive environment to work in.

They are perfect for individuals or small businesses that do not require a private office space of their own.

Co-working spaces are:

Co-working spaces foster learning and idea generation. Surrounding yourself with other goal-oriented professionals can help give you inspiration when you are lacking drive.

Working from home can leave you feeling isolated. Co-working spaces provide a sense of community and can become a place for businesses to collaborate, network and grow in.

Co-working spaces provide some of the many benefits of having your own premises. Having a fixed postcode, receptionist, access to break out spaces and meeting rooms all help your business appear professional and are useful amenities to have access to when holding client meetings.

With a more relaxed environment Co-working spaces allow for flexible working, allowing people to work how and when they prefer. This promotes a healthy work-life balance and often leads to a more positive work culture.

Cost Efficient
Co-working is an easy way to eliminate many overhead cost As a member of a co-working space have use of all facilities including Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, printing and copying, Café, and communal kitchens without the costs associated with having a private office space.

Our new Breakout Space is a great way to boost productivity…

A business is only as successful as its people so it’s vital to look after yourself and your employees.

Here is how to ensure you’re getting the rest you need to operate at peak performance and to help you avoid business burnout.

Take a tea break
Productivity is increased when we take a break from periods of intense concentration. So, pause what you’re doing, take a break, get a cuppa and regain your focus.

Switch off in the evenings

Create boundaries – don’t answer work emails or calls at dinner or in bed. Sleeplessness and lack of productivity are directly related so get a good night’s sleep to ensure you feel fresh and focused during work hours.

Enjoy your weekends
Working much more than 48 hours a week tends to make productivity dip. Use your weekends to switch off, whether it is going to the gym or spending time with friends and family, do the activities you enjoy and go into your Monday morning feeling refreshed.

Go on holiday
Take the time to reset and recharge. Our bodies require time to relax, if we do not switch off it can be difficult to shift into less-stressed modes. Stress can burn you out and reduce motivation and drive.

Taking regular breaks not only leaves you feeling fresh but helps motivate you to get as much done as possible in a shorter period. More holiday time will force you to use your time more efficiently and ultimately results in greater productivity at work.

Have you heard about Worlds End Studios new addition

Our new Co-working Space is ready so take a look around!

Designed to meet the needs of our clients who no longer wish to work from their kitchen table or living room sofa but also, not quite ready for their own office space. 

We have completely transformed one of our premium offices into a space to be shared between likeminded individuals. 

It’s the perfect solution for our clients who are starting up their business and looking for better creativity and productivity.

The Benefits…

  • A Professional Chelsea Location
  • Secure High Speed Internet
  • Collaborative Work Space 
  • Networking & Workshop Opportunities
  • Secure Lockers and Storage
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Office Cleaning

And many more…

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MacMillan Biggest Coffee Morning 2019

To you all of you that supported, donated, baked and faked for this amazing charity a massive big THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!

We have raised a total amount of £349 cash on the day – Friday 27th September 2019 and £10 via text donations!!

Worlds End Studios matched the cash amount pound for pound so that is a phenomenal amount of £708.00 raised in total.

We started the day by judging all the baker/faker entries before we opened the doors to our pop-up coffee shop with a queue of supporters, coffee and cake lovers. 

Our 3 judges, Beverley Kendal – Eskander, Christopher Moore – Christopher Moore and Rene Weisner – WES, had a very tasty but difficult judging to do.

We also had the honor of having the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea’s Major here for the morning, Will Pascall.

There was a lot of cake eaten, fun and laughter had during the morning.

The winners:

Best Baker:  Stefania Rinaldi – Studio Rinaldi

Best Baker Runner Up:  Susie Kassem – TJK Consultants

Best Faker:  LeAnn Ferry – Next Action Associates

Best Faker Runner Up:  Virginia Staneata – Darling Creative

Thank You!

Want to increase sales?

We are excited to announce that our next event at the Studios will be a free sales and marketing workshop from leading strategic marketing consultancy, ThomondThis will be taking place in our conference rooms from 4pm on 15th May 2019. 

For the workshop we are asking clients to complete a quick and simple questionnaire. The purpose of this is to understand which areas of marketing our clients need the most support with. We can then ensure the workshop is specifically tailored to the attendees’ requirements. 

Thomond will discover the right route for you, your business and your customers, giving little treasures about how effective marketing can change things for the better. 

If you would like any additional information about this workshop or any future events, please do not hesitate to contact Jannelle Johnson / 0207 349 7001